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NEW CREATOR's FILE  Takuya Igarashi

In 2024, Amana Visual welcomed two new creators.

In the second edition of our New Creator's File, we introduce Takuya Igarashi, who has embarked on his journey as a photographer.

Photographer Takuya Igarashi

Takuya Igarashi’s photographic approach is to purify the “presence” of his subjects, delicately and powerfully depicting the emotions and moods that words cannot express. This stems from his respect for coexistence with nature, humans, and society, continuously seeking and questioning the beauty and struggles within.

Igarashi: “I believe it is essential for us, as humans and Japanese, to live in harmony with nature, to listen to and pick up on the wavering beauty and conflicts that arise as we shape our highly complex society, and to keep questioning them.”

Career Path and “Transcending Boundaries”

Takuya Igarashi studied business management and economics at Meiji University before advancing to Tokyo University of the Arts. Attracted by the idea of using his skills to address social purposes and challenges rather than fine art, he pursued a degree in design. After working as a preparatory school instructor and at a design office, he decided to dedicate himself to photography.

He adopted the keyword “transcending boundaries” in his career, integrating and translating diverse fields such as business management, design, and photography. This ability to connect seemingly disparate areas from a multifaceted perspective gives his work its unique depth.

Strengths as a Visual Translator

With a business perspective gained from his studies and the visual expression skills honed in design, Igarashi translates the intentions of clients and the charm of his subjects through his lens. As a “visual translator,” he excels in elevating elements that can only be expressed in words into visual art through his unique sensibility.

New Possibilities in Visual Expression

Igarashi’s work is strongly infused with the theme of “Wa” (harmony), which he cherishes. For example, his work depicting “pine trees” by throwing fabric demonstrates his originality and creativity. With his rich imagination and sincere approach, we look forward to Takuya Igarashi’s future endeavors, bringing new inspiration to the world.

Igarashi: “I value the ability to create visuals that resonate with various people, blending my diverse perspectives not only as a photographer but also incorporating the viewpoints I have acquired so far.”

We look forward to working with you.

4 Jun 2024



31 May 2024



16 Apr 2024



27 Feb 2024

COMMERCIAL PHOTO 3月号 料理撮影徹底研究『もっと!おいしい瞬間』

COMMERCIAL PHOTO 3月号 料理撮影徹底研究『もっと!おいしい瞬間』


五十嵐 拓也

五十嵐 拓也

Takuya Igarashi

五十嵐 拓也

5 Jun 2024

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