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In April 2024, Amana Visual welcomed two new creators. In the inaugural edition of our New Creator's File, we introduce Yushi Kaku, who has embarked on his journey as a photographer.

photographer:  Yushi Kaku

Yushi specializes in visualizing the unseen elements within his subjects, delving into the depths of thoughts and words.

He cherishes the delicacy of a soft voice conversing with his subjects, crafting narratives through his adept photographic direction, employing techniques such as creating a comfortable sense of distance and mastering precise lighting.

Creative Photographic Expression Reflecting Time and Stories

After graduating from university with a degree in urban planning architecture and graphic design, Yushi began his career as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. His interest in photography sparked during his involvement in advertising production, leading him to enroll in a technical college to study the craft. In 2020, he received an honorable mention in the Canon New Cosmos of Photography competition. Seeking to realize a wide range of advertising production, he joined Amana.

Since joining Amana, Yushi has drawn inspiration from an environment that demands diverse expression, absorbing numerous photographic techniques on-site to refine his unique style. He ventures beyond portraits and landscapes, exploring object photography and cinematography, constantly pursuing innovative expressions to align with contemporary demands.

Yushi's standout strength lies in his photo-direction skills, combining his expertise in composition from his graphic design background with his distinct photographic viewpoints and techniques.

"The River": Reflecting the Passage of Time

"The River" is a cinematic venture centered on the concept of time's flow, depicting a day from dawn to dusk through the lens of a trash can. The periphery of the trash cans serves as frames, showcasing passersby discarding trash.

Remarkably, this film was entirely shot within a studio, showcasing Yushi's technical prowess in manifesting his desired worldview without the need for on-location shooting. While the photographs feature only the sky, people, and cats, with faces typically shadowed due to backlighting, the work invites viewers to imagine the scenery from the trash can's perspective, transcending reality.

Yushi comments, "I collaborated with colleagues, including prop stylists and casting, to overcome obstacles and create a more enriched work with a broader range of expression. I'm passionate about production and value collaborative efforts with motivated colleagues. I'll continue exploring new possibilities for visual expression."

We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Yushi Kaku.

Kakuyushi Kakuyushi Instagram

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

16 Apr 2024



27 Feb 2024

COMMERCIAL PHOTO 3月号 料理撮影徹底研究『もっと!おいしい瞬間』

COMMERCIAL PHOTO 3月号 料理撮影徹底研究『もっと!おいしい瞬間』

16 Jan 2024




5 Dec 2023

rai × ヤナギヤユイ× 葵うたの (asobisystem) 写真展「i eye」開催のお知らせ

rai × ヤナギヤユイ× 葵うたの (asobisystem) 写真展「i eye」開催のお知らせ





Yushi Kaku


16 Apr 2024

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